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The Pursuit of Happyness

Rating: 9.5 | Votes: 4

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Submitted by: dr-volcano from Egypt
This is the best , most amazing movie i 've ever seen.It touched me so deep & I keep on watchin it time after time.It's like a teacher within a motion picture.I really love to walk on his steps

Submitted by: jasonrdonald from India
Seriously this is one of those movies that one has got to have watched atleast once in lifetime., 100% Inspirational.. Success n happiness are not those that can b achieved in a matter of time., it depicts the true story of an inspirational personality.. Obviously I rate this as the best movie i have ever watched..

Submitted by: Nice from Pampanga, Philippines
The film is so moving. I cried a lot.. I feel very blessed after I watch it. I now declare it as my favorite movie of all time. Really!!!

Submitted by: chriskemp817 from Florida
This is a wonderful movie about perserverance and the will to succeed. I love this movie!