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Pay it Forward

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Rating: 8.88 | Votes: 91

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Submitted by Unknown
This is the most inspirational movie I have ever seen. The cast
includes: Kevin Spacey, Halley Joel Osmett, Helen Hunt, and many
more. The theme is that you can change someone else's life by
doing something good for them without them wanting it done, and then
making them do the same thing for someone else. I give it four stars!
(out of four)

Submitted by Unknown
I thought this movie was fantastic. It shows you that one person CAN make a difference.

Submitted by Unknown
One of the most inspiring films I have ever seen. But get the tissues ready!

Submitted by: alicia.harshman
Ok so i just want to say something about the first couple comments. i can't believe you would actually go to say this movie was sappy and predictable besides if it was so sappy and predictably why did you keep watching it. I found this movie to be very inspiring. I hope it makes everyone think before they do something i hope it influences everyone to become a world changer!

Submitted by: Nice from Pampanga, Philippines
The movie made me realize that no matter how miserable a person's life might become, there's still this hope of CHANGE..
It also made me think of how great it is to create your NICHE that could make a BIG difference to other's person's lives.