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Men of Honor

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Rating: 8.48 | Votes: 23

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Submitted by Unknown
a struggle of an incredible man stuck in a wrong time, to achieve a life of success as a master diver.

Submitted by Unknown
This is one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. I feel that it instills the philosophy in everyone that you can do anything. You can overcome all the odds and work to achieve whatever your heart desires. Thank you for this movie. It has worked to give me a new perspective on life and I will share it with my friends and family.

Submitted by Unknown
Great leadership movie, a celebration of the human spirit.

Submitted by Unknown
NEVER, give up. Bo matter how bad they beat you down. Work harder to prove yourself and you will win.
Never quit and get up ONE more time than you are knocked down. The story of one who has so many odds against him, and never says die. His dedication helps him to overcome ALL the odds.

Submitted by: castlerock from south australia
some of the comments made about about the film men of honour to say the least have been
made by someone expecting too much.

Submitted by: Jennifer Marie from California
I agree completely with the person who commented that this is one of THE most inspirational movies I have ever seen. I LOVED it, and I felt good after having watched it. I was so moved throughout the movie that tears were trickling down my cheeks nearly the entire movie. EXCELLENT movie!!!!