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Life Is Beautiful

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Rating: 8.27 | Votes: 37

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Submitted by Unknown
I thought this movie was so inspirational and such a guide to see the troubles and pain people went through during the Holocaust. The little boy is just adorable and all you can hope for is a happy ending.

Submitted by Unknown
Another fantastic movie! It does not matter where you are or the struggles you are going through, life is about who you love and that they love you. This movie shows how one man's life had meaning because of the people he cared about were part of it. Absolutely beautiful movie!

Submitted by Unknown
Words cannot describe how wonderful this movie is.

Submitted by Unknown
Good movie about positive thinking.

Submitted by Unknown
the movie with the background information of the 2nd world war and capturing scenes of love between the members of the family and the devotion of the father is simply timeless.

Submitted by Unknown
I think this movie is one of the most amazing love stories of all time. Not just the love between woman and man,...but also the love between mother and son, father and son, mother and father,...and the love of a culture that is being torn apart by prejudice and hatred. It is one of the most uplifting and motivational movies I have ever seen. This means a lot coming from me, mainly because I am a 19 year old, Catholic...I have neither experienced or could ever imagine what happened to those poor people. However, this movie was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Submitted by Unknown
I laughed, I cried. It changed my life. The movie will stay with you for days.
Do not let the subtitles deter you - it is worth it.

Submitted by Unknown
one of the most uplifting movies i've ever seen

Submitted by Unknown
A great example of how to face the utmost cruelties with humor and spirit.

Submitted by: Deep S from India
This has to be the best movie ever ..
The Chemistry between the actor and his son is awesome...
The way the Fatehr tries to protect his son during the mergency adn doesnt even give a hint to his son .. Mind blowing ..
Specially i love the Scene where he is going to Die and he just pretends he is marching away in front of his son ..
too good