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Good Will Hunting

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Rating: 8.59 | Votes: 54

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Submitted by Unknown
Amazing tale of moving beyond your comfort zone to find happiness. A+++

Submitted by Unknown
Young man from the wrong side of the tracks, hides his potential in life by persisiting to hang with friends and keep dead end jobs. He is discovered but doesn't want to break out of the life he has now, until he meets a counselor who sees through his B.S. and takes a hard approach. The therapy helps not only the patient but the couselor who is stuck in life as well! WONDERFUL MOVIE!

Submitted by Unknown
Good Will Hunting is the most motivational movie i've ever seen. I reccommend it to all

Submitted by Unknown
This movie is drastically underrated. Movie seems to stress the point that one can not love another until they love themself. Great movie.

Submitted by Unknown
A bit "R", however very raw and real. This movie will get anyone enthusiastic towards living and fullfilling one's dreams... One of my top 5