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Forrest Gump

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Rating: 8.61 | Votes: 98

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Submitted by Unknown
Forest Gump is inspiration by the very fact that it is the world according to someone not as intellegent as most. It carries a simple message, life is a little bit of fate, and destiny is what you make it.

Submitted by: Natalia P.
This movie was one of the most heart touching movies I have every seen. Not only did it make you cry but it made you laugh, and think. Tom Hanks did a wonderful job bringing out such a wonderful character that shows the world that truly the cup is half full not half empty. I just thought it was the best movie, only a few movies will come around to compare with this one.

Submitted by: Jacks
Really a wonderful movie, goes on to tell what a person whom many call stupid, excells and sets an example. Yes, truly inspirational!

Submitted by: blah blah from blah blah
Oh Jenny......

Submitted by: khlyng
one of the best movies ever made.

you must not miss it.