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Dead Poets Society

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Rating: 8.55 | Votes: 73

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Submitted by Unknown
Although I don't completely agree with the worldview (that today is all we have), I found the movie extremely inspirational. It's helped me to take advantage of every opportunity, and to "seize the day" (carpe diam). In addition, I've acquired a love for poetry. Robin Williams is excellent, and the last scene gives me goosebumps every time...Definitely worth seeing!

Submitted by Unknown
An english teacher at a stodgy new england prep school takes his pupils on a ride that teaches them to put they're lives in perspective, to think independently, and to live passionately. A beautifully written, filmed, and acted work of art that has become a friend of mine, I think this movie will be special to you as well.

Submitted by Unknown
Most inspirational movie I have ever seen. Not just a pump up movie but one that shows you how to live. Carpe diem!

Submitted by Unknown
One of the best movies of all got me to go back to college!

Submitted by Unknown
"Dead Poets Society" is a beautifuly produced movie with the perfect cast. A wonderfully written script is emphazised by the fantastic character portrayed through Williams. A must see for all fans of english and psychology.

Submitted by Unknown
Good movie. Teaches people to think outside the box and not take for truth other's opinions or teaching.

Submitted by Unknown
A movie that touches me every time I watch it. Don't just watch...go with the story and the feelings. For me it is about respect for the unique human beings we are from the moment we are uniqueness that deserves respect and caring.

Submitted by Unknown
This film shows so clearly that parents should not try to live their dreams through their children, rather they should allow the child to fulfill their own dreams. Very good, Robin Williams is brillant!

Submitted by Unknown
This movie made the viewer think about his/her 'willingness' to find/be themselves instead of conforming. It was not meant that 'we' should be millitant but that 'we' should think for ourselves and pursue what our 'hearts' tell us, despite adversity. It also taught me to accept individuals as they are, and help/encourage them to accept their uniqueness.

Submitted by Unknown
This movie ranks at the top of my all time favorite list. Robin Williams character is extraordinary at getting those young men motivated to think outside of the spoon-fed rhetoric they had been fed all their young lives. This movie affected me in such a profound way because it illustrated that "different" doesn't mean wrong.

Submitted by Unknown
A Classic. One of my top 5 of all time. A warm mix of love, integrity, humor, support, and individualism. Several messages revealed here, most original, however wittingly presented in new light: Think, act, and live your dreams!

Submitted by: Surprisespirit from Az
This is one of the best movies I have seen. It touched my soul and it's the only one I have watched more than once. It reminds us of what's most important-just unconditional love.

Submitted by: stephanetest12 from Canada
Very inspirational. Highly recommended, but I bet you have already seen it.