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A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness

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Rating: 9.13 | Votes: 282

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Submitted by: Nhi from Australia
im 15, and i love books, especially romance but i when i saw this book at the bookshop and read the blurb i just had to buy it. I read this book in 2 days, i just couldnt put this book down. This has given me inspiration to view the world through a different perspective. This book has changed my life forever. I have cried at least more thatn 10 times while reading this book, through tears of sadness and a few laughs, a book that will not fail to move you.

Submitted by: mairead from ireland
im am 16. i got into reading his books purely by mistake but i will admit it to being 1 of the best mistakes every. i was 13 and one day out of the blue i goes to my mum give me a book tpo read so she haded me out a child called it it took me exactly 2 days to read each of his books after the first i went straight to the 2nd etc etc. these books have made me open my eyes and see things in the world for what they really are etc.. even now once in a blue moon i read back over his books to remind myself exactly what goes on an tells us to be happy for what happyness etc you have in your life